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We are a company entirely dedicated to modern winemaking.
Our mission is to develop the wine culture by producing wines that inspire a stylish and interesting life.
We are proud of our team of highly qualified oenologists and the most modern winery in Central and Eastern Europe. We select with the greatest attention only the best grapes from each harvest to achieve the highest wine quality.
We strive to produce exciting wines and distillates of various styles which bring real pleasure to connoisseurs.


There are several things that are of great significance for the creation of quality wines – the love for wine, passion, professionalism, and the good team.
Our oenologists are one of the most prominent experts in the wine industry, who have proven their skills, knowledge, and experience in our country and worldwide. Any wine they make demonstrates their unique and creative style.

NASIMO's project about the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the winery "Blue Rocks".

There are sunbeams and there is time. Time, that turs hard work into experience. 


Each year Domaine Boyar wines win prestigious awards in national and international competitions, which has made an important contribution to the good image of Bulgarian wines in Bulgaria and around the world.

Some of the most significant and special awards Domaine Boyar has won:
"The most sustainable Bulgarian wine company, with the highest growth" (award from ICAP Group, Southeastern Europe)


We at Domaine Boyar strongly believe that sustainable business development is related directly to social and environmental responsibility.
The internal policy of the company is directed towards supporting the employees’ needs and dealing with their problems, offering active care and support in relation to health problems in their families.


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