Corporate Social Responsibility in the wine sector

We start from the perspective that social responsibility means promoting the local economy and promoting wine culture, in line with the ambition of new consumers, who today are looking for and supporting companies that have a structured and established social role. That is why it is extremely important for wineries to commit to being a positive force in their local communities, accepting the sustainability of corporate responsibility.

Sustainable future

Every year, Domaine Boyar takes part and supports different social causes and the organizations that stand behind these causes by carrying out a number of charitable activities. 

Keeping pace with global climate issues, the winery has started using only lightweight bottles, which saves resources and optimizes harmful emissions when transporting the wine. 

All wines, produced by Domaine Boyar, are vegan so that the problems some consumers might have related to food intolerance are avoided. 

The winery has introduced some technologies to optimize the consumption of electricity, water, and some other resources by installing a photovoltaic system on 500 sq.m. In 2022 the construction of a wastewater treatment plant will be started.  

Domaine Boyar owns one of the few barrel workshops in Bulgaria for barrel recycling so the company can extend the life of the barrels and save wood necessary for the production of new ones