About us

Our history

Domaine Boyar was the first private wine-making company after the changes in Bulgaria in 1989 and it was registered in 1991, both in Sofia and in London. In the years of economic transition that followed Domaine Boyar became one of the biggest and most prestigious producers and exporters of Bulgarian wines in Europe, Canada, and Japan. 

The biggest markets of the company are the United Kingdom, the Benelux, Canada, Russia, and the Scandinavian countries.

Domaine Boyar and "Sinite skali” /the Blue stones/" are the only Bulgarian wines that were included in the prestigious British ranking "Top 50" of AC Nielsen.


Domaine Boyar has a long-term partnership with the best grape growers from the Thracian lowlands region and some other microregions in the country. Our oenologists work together with the vine growers monitoring all agro-technical activities at the same time. Our team sets the criteria in relation to grape quality, regulated yield and the exact time of harvesting the grape. In this way grape growers focus entirely on achieving the best grape quality based on our requirements, and oenologists - on achieving the best quality of wines produced from that grape. In our production we use a wide range of European and local grape varieties and our goal is to achieve maximum varietal expression and to create blends that are interesting and exciting on the palate of connoisseurs.


Sinite Skali Winery Sliven 

Sinite Skali Winery was designed by the world-famous Australian company offering innovative solutions - A&G Engineering, that designed and built some of the world's most modern wineries.

It is situated close to the natural landmark Blue Rocks, in the foothills of Stara Planina mountain, which gave its name. The Thracian Plain region, where it is located, is renowned for the production of high quality red wines. The new winery opens on 16th September 1999, with impressive processing capacity of 16 million litres. A symbol of contemporary Bulgarian wine, "Sinite Skali" is one of the most modern wineries in Eastern and Central Europe. It is realized with an investment of 30 million euro and operates with state-of-the-art winemaking technology.

Korten Winery

In 2003, Domaine Boyar acquired the small boutique winery Korten, known for its microvinification methods and specializing in the production of high-quality boutique wines.

The winery has the most modern technology and equipment provided by world leading manufacturers. This allows the combination of traditions and modern winemaking practices to produce high-end boutique wines.

The Korten winery uses in excess of 2300 American barrels and French barriques - a must to be able to produce premium wines of diverse vintages and of different age.

The team

There are several things that are of great significance for the creation of quality wines – the love for wine, passion, professionalism, and the good team.
Our oenologists are one of the most prominent experts in the wine industry, who have proven their skills, knowledge, and experience in our country and worldwide. Any wine they make demonstrates their unique and creative style.
Kapka Georgieva - Domain Boyar International EAD’s Senior Oenologist
Rosen Georgiev - Chief Oenologist of Domain Boyar International EAD
Doychin Andreev - Production Director, Sinite Skali Winery
Magdalena Mikhova - technologist
Nikolai Minchev - technologist


Consistently high quality

Maintaining the consistent quality of the products is one of the main advantages of Domaine Boyar and a distinctive feature of the company from its incorporation until today. Due to our many years of experience, the talented team of enologists and the modern technologies we have, we strive for 100% consistent quality of all bottles, while the accepted percentage in the industry is 85-90%. Our wine cellar is equipped with a modern laboratory and the latest technologies for cooling and temperature control, which allows us to offer a rich palette of styles in relation to the wines we produce.